Privacy Policy:

Rehaaish TV grows with a great passion for serving its visitors and subscribers. We believe that trust is an important component of the service we provide to all our visitors. To ensure that we earn and keep the visitor’s trust, Rehaaish TV makes every effort to protect your data and information. This Privacy Policy is giving to inform you about Rehaaish TV collection, use and expose the information.


 This Privacy Policy is a part of the Rehaaish TV User Agreement. During the Sites’ use, you agree with all the terms and conditions of the User Agreement, including this Privacy Policy. Using the site, you are also accepting Rehaaish TV privacy practices, including the use and exposé of any personally recognizable information that you have shared with us, as defined in this Privacy Policy.


We collect your information in the form of pieces for improving our site and your experience. We want to make sure your experience on the site as valuable and efficient as possible. We ensure to save your information and never sell, rent, or share with others. Your policy is valuable and important to us.


We gave importance to your trust in providing us your Personal Information. Thus we are strongly ready to use commercially acceptable means of protecting it. But remember that there is no method of showing over the internet. Our electronic storage method is 100% secure and trustworthy, and we cannot guarantee its complete security.

Copyright Policy:

We have some restrictions for the user that nobody can send copyright content to our site. We do not allow users to post any content which is copyright. We will take strict actions against the users who break our rules and disagree with our terms. All the rights are reserved under the team of Rehaaish TV.


Rehaaish TV is a public platform for sharing and discussing different topics like Health, business, Islamic points, sports, and other more topics. We are also getting public views and DO NOT promote hate speech, pornography, Abuse, Spam, and hatred material/comments. 


We boost our readers and viewers to pass their comments, views, and criticism but within limits. Our team will physically review all the comments once they go live; any comment that is not related to the content object will NOT be accepted. Rehaaish TV reserves the right to BLOCK access to any visitor to the website.